自然科学版 英文版
自然科学版 英文版
自然科学版 英文版

Journal of Central South University


Vol. 27    No. 8    August 2020

Effect of Ti on microstructure, mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of Zr-Ta-Ti alloys processed by spark plasma sintering XUE Guo-lin(薛国林), YANG Hai-lin(杨海林), XING Hai-xia(邢海霞), YE Chuan-ren(叶传仁),LIU Jue(刘珏), MIAO Jing-lei(苗惊雷), RUAN Jian-ming(阮建明) 2185
Multifunctional hopeite nanocoating on Ti64 substrates by pulsed laser deposition and radio frequency magnetron sputtering for orthopedic implant applications: A comparative study Ashish DAS, Mukul SHUKLA 2198
Effect of laser textured surface with different patterns on tribological characteristics of bearing material AISI 52100 PAUL JOSHUA S, DINESH BABU P 2210
Phase investigations of manganese–bismuth alloyed in a microwave furnace Panita THONGJUMPA, Thanida CHAROENSUK, Upsorn BOONYANG, Phimphaka HARDING, Chitnarong SIRISATHITKUL 2220
Manufacturing of ultra-large plate forgings by unfolding and flattening of thick cylinders DENG Zheng-hua(邓正华), WEN Tong(温彤), YOU Jian-hao(游建豪), DU Kang-kang(杜康康), SUN Lei(孙嫘) 2227
Repair of automotive bumpers and bars with modified friction stir welding Ranvijay KUMAR, Rupinder SINGH, I P S AHUJA 2239
Separation of silicon and iron in copper slag by carbothermic reduction-alkaline leaching process WANG Hong-yang(王洪阳), SONG Shao-xian(宋少先) 2249
Assessing quality of crash modification factors estimated by empirical Bayes before-after methods CHEN Ying(陈英), WU Ling-tao(吴玲涛), HUANG Zhong-xiang(黄中祥) 2259
Improved pedestrian detection with peer AdaBoost cascade FU Hong-pu(傅红普), ZOU Bei-ji(邹北骥), ZHU Cheng-zhang(朱承璋), DAI Yu-lan(戴玉兰), JIANG Ling-zi(姜灵子), CHANG Zhe(昌喆) 2269
Influence of support stiffness on vibrations of a planet gear system considering ring with flexible support LIU Jing(刘静), PANG Rui-kun(庞瑞琨), LI Hong-wu(李洪武), XU Jin(许晋) 2280
A model to determining the remaining useful life of rotating equipment,based on a new approach to determining state of degradation Saeed RAMEZANI, Alireza MOINI, Mohamad RIAHI, Adolfo Crespo MARQUEZ 2291
Dynamic characteristics of gear system under different micro-topographies with the same roughness on tooth surface YIN Lei(殷雷), DENG Chun-long(邓春龙), YU Wen-nian(余文念), SHAO Yi-min(邵毅敏), WANG Li-ming(王利明) 2311
Heat transfer simulation of annular elliptical fin-and-tube heat exchanger by transition SST model H NEMATI, A R RAHIMZADEH, WANG Chi-chuan 2324
Effect of equivalence ratio on diesel direct injection spark ignition combustion CHEN Zheng(陈征), QIN Tao(覃涛), HE Ting-pu(何廷谱), ZHU Li-jing(朱立靖) 2338
Field synergy analysis of different flow patterns in falling-film dehumidification system with horizontal pipes NIU Run-ping(牛润萍), KUANG Da-qing(匡大庆), WANG Shi-zheng(王世政), CHEN Xiao-yi(陈潇义) 2353
A generalized cover renewal strategy for multiple crack propagation in two-dimensional numerical manifold method YU Chang-yi(于长一), ZHENG Fei(郑飞), GUO Bing-chuan(郭炳川), LIU Qin-ya(刘沁雅) 2367
Experimental and numerical evaluations on characteristics of vented methane explosion SU Bin(苏彬), LUO Zhen-min(罗振敏), WANG Tao(王涛), LIU Lang(刘浪) 2382
Dilatancy and liquefaction behaviour of clean sand at wide range of confining stresses GU Lin-lin(顾琳琳), WANG Zhen(王振), HOSOYA Asa-hiro, ZHANG Feng(张锋) 2394
Control of repair effect and hydrogen embrittlement risk by parameters optimization for BIEM ZHANG Jun(张军), MAO Jiang-hong(毛江鸿), JIN Wei-liang(金伟良), FAN Wei-jie(樊玮洁), XIA Jin(夏晋), XU Yi-dong(徐亦冬), LI Qiang(李强) 2408
A practical constitutive theory based on egg-shaped function in elasto-plastic modeling for soft clay JIANG Jia-qi(蒋佳琪), XU Ri-qing(徐日庆), YU Jian-lin(俞建霖), QIU Zhi-jian(裘志坚), QIN Jian-she(秦建设), ZHAN Xiao-bo(詹晓波) 2424
Effect of loading rates on crack propagating speed, fracture toughness and energy release rate using single-cleavage trapezoidal open specimen under impact loads LANG Lin(郎林), ZHU Zhe-ming(朱哲明), WANG Han-bing(王寒冰), HUANG Jian-wei(黄建伟), WANG Meng(王蒙), ZHANG Xian-shang(张宪尚) 2440
Analysis of ground vibrations induced by high-speed train moving on pile-supported subgrade using three-dimensional FEM GAO Guang-yun(高广运), BI Jun-wei(毕俊伟), CHEN Qing-sheng(陈青生), CHEN Run-min(陈润民) 2455
Experimental study on aerodynamic characteristics of a high-speed train on viaducts in turbulent crosswinds HE Xu-hui(何旭辉), ZUO Tai-hui(左太辉), ZOU Yun-feng(邹云峰), YAN Lei(严磊), TANG Lin-bo(唐林波) 2465

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